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skalakCongratulations to Nicholas Drury, Ben Ellis, Jeff Weiss, Pat McMahon and Richard Debski who's paper: N.J. Drury, B.J. Ellis, J.A. Weiss, P.J. McMahon, R.E. Debski. The impact of glenoid labrum thickness and modulus on labrum and glenohumeral capsule function,” In Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, Vol. 132, No. 12, Note: Awarded 2010 Skalak Best Paper!, pp. 121003--121010. 2010.
DOI: 10.1115/1.4002622

has been awarded "2010 Skalak Best Paper" by the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering Honors committee. This honor is awarded to the best paper of the year as determined by reviewer rankings.