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NCRRHistory IV3DAmong the list of important events in NCRR history published in the NIH Almanac is the release of the ImageVis3D Mobile visualization app developed under the CIBC. In the events listed for the year 2010 it states:

"Researchers led by Chris Johnson at the University of Utah's NCRR-supported Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing developed an iPhone application that is changing how and where doctors practice medicine. The ImageVis3D Mobile visualization program enables them to retrieve and view high-resolution 3-D medical images on their mobile phones."

The ImageVis3D Mobile visualization program — free to download via the Apple iTunes store — allows anyone to view realistic, high-resolution 3-D pictures of medical image data. Scientists and doctors now can observe patients' CAT scans, MRIs, ultra-sounds, electron microscopy and other data in 3-D right from their phones.