Designed especially for neurobiologists, FluoRender is an interactive tool for multi-channel fluorescence microscopy data visualization and analysis.
Large scale visualization on the Powerwall.
BrainStimulator is a set of networks that are used in SCIRun to perform simulations of brain stimulation such as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and magnetic transcranial stimulation (TMS).
Developing software tools for science has always been a central vision of the SCI Institute.
kimballFebruary 11, 2012 - April 7, 2012
Art Talk Thursday, March 15th, 6-7pm.
Kimball Art Center, 638 Park Avenue, Park City, UT 84060 

Science and art come together this month at the Kimball Art Center’s Badami Gallery. SCI Institute: The Art of Science  is on display through April 7th, 2012. Some of the world’s most recognized scientists in the computing and imaging field have their ground breaking work on display.

As internationally acclaimed leaders in scientific visualization, researchers at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah work constantly to develop new and better ways to visualize and communicate the results of scientific inquiry.

Although their visual designs are created to serve science, many of SCI’s visualizations of computer simulations of combustion or bioelectric activity in the heart and brain, or of data ranging from a galactic scale down to a cellular level, can also be viewed as works of art.

"In creating effective visual representations of scientific phenomena, we stand with one foot in scientific methodology and one foot in visual design," said Nathan Galli of the SCI Institute. "We think everyone will find something of interest and appealing within the Art of Science Exhibit at the Kimball Art Center."

"The SCI Institute's scientific visualizations are truly stunning works of digital art that reveal science in new ways," explains Robin Marrouche, Executive Director of the Kimball. "It is definitely a case of science informing art, and vice versa," she added. "We love to offer exhibits that explore the intersection of art and science and how each help to push the other field forward."

Professor Chris Johnson, the director of the SCI Institute was at the February 24th Gallery Stroll along with researchers from the SCI Institute as well as a team of astronomers from Harvard University.

Professor Johnson also lead an Art Talk on Thursday, March 15th from 6-7pm.

The Kimball Art Center (KAC) is the heart of Park City's historic and vibrant arts community. It is a non-profit center for the arts, committed to engaging individuals of all ages in diverse and inspiring experiences through education, exhibitions and events. For more information please visit

Credit: Katie Eldridge

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