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fluorenderA stunning FluoRender image visualizing embryogenesis is featured in a set on's "Cell Picture Show." See "Limbs" on slide #8:

By A. Kelsey Lewis, Gabrielle Kardon, Yong Wan (University of Utah) and Ronen Schweitzer (Oregon Health and Science University)

Caption: In mice, muscles (red), tendons (green), and nerves (blue) of the limbs are largely established by ~14.5 after fertilization. In humans, this occurs after ~9 weeks of embryogenesis. Image: Here the limb of a Scleraxis-GFPmouse embryo is imaged by confocal microscopy (Nikon A1R). Scleraxis is a basic helix-turn-helix transcription factor expressed in tendon cells. Antibodies to mysosin (red) and neurofilaments (blue) label muscle and nerves, respectively. 3D rendering by FluoRender.