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Open SciVis Datasets

A repository collecting open scientific visualization datasets. The data is 3D and mostly univariate. Please open a pull request on GitHub to contribute new dataset.

UV coordinates of supported primitives


A toy ray tracer in Haskell inspired by Reyes and psychopath.

Fiber surfaces of ethanediol

Fiber Surface

An interactive application for fiber surface exploration. Paper Interface VTK filter

Human organs

Flexible Isosurface

An user interface utilizing topological descriptor a contour tree to aid selection, visualisation, and manipulation of interesting features in a data.

Cornell box with sphere

Monte Carlo Path Tracer

Intersection with spheres, meshes, and Bézier patches (pretessellated).

Supports diffuse, specular, and transmissive BSDF.

Intersection tests are accelerated using a spatial partitioning (QBVH).

Floaty feeds view

Floaty - RSS Reader

Displays feeds on tiles with a header coloured by a favicon.

New items are highlighted and gradually fade to grey.

The architecture is client-server with the local server communicating with the client via D-Bus.