SCI Visualization Journal Club

Mission Statement

This group aims to facilitate students and faculty knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques in all areas of Visualization (scientific visualization, information visualization, and visual analytics). To accomplish this, as a group we will read and discuss seminal works, best papers, and other papers of interest.




Held weekly on Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Halvorsen Conference Room (WEB 4640). Drop-ins welcome.
To join the mailing list, please e-mail Paul at (prosen at sci dot utah dot edu)

Date Paper Discussion Leader
Sept 4 Maximum Entropy Summary Trees
in EuroVis 2013 [Best Paper Honorable Mention]
Paul Rosen
Sept 11 Interaction Techniques for Selecting and Manipulating Subgraphs in Network Visualizations
In InfoVis 2009 [Honorable Mention]
Sept 18 Similarity Measures for Enhancing Interactive Streamline Seeding
In TVCG 2013
Hoa Nguyen
Sept 25 Vector Field k-Means: Clustering Trajectories by Fitting Multiple Vector Fields
in EuroVis 2013 [Best Paper Honorable Mention]
Shusen Liu
Oct 2 Collaborative Brushing and Linking for Co-located Visual Analytics of Document Collections
In EuroVis 2009 [3rd Best Paper]
Alex Bigelow
Oct 9 Computing Voronoi Treemaps: Faster, Simpler, and Resolution-independent
In EuroVis 2012
John Edwards
Oct 16 No meeting (Fall break and Visweek)  
Oct 23 LineUp: Visual Analysis of Multi-Attribute Rankings
In InfoVis 2013 [Best Paper]
Sean McKenna
Oct 30 Comparative Visual Analysis of Lagrangian Transport in CFD Ensembles
In SciVis 2013 [Best Paper]
Liang Zhou
Nov 6 A Partition-Based Framework for Building and Validating Regression Models
In VAST 2013 [Best Paper]
Pascal Grosset
Nov 13 No meeting  
Nov 20 A systematic review on the practice of evaluating visualization
In SciVis 2013
John Edwards
Nov 27 No meeting (Thanksgiving break)  
Dec 4 Empirical Guidance on Scatterplot and Dimension Reduction Technique Choices
In InfoVis 2013
Yong Wan

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