SCI Visualization Journal Club

Mission Statement

This group aims to facilitate students and faculty knowledge of state-of-the-art techniques in all areas of Visualization (scientific visualization, information visualization, and visual analytics). To accomplish this, as a group we will read and discuss seminal works, best papers, and other papers of interest.




Held weekly on Wednesday at 11 a.m. in the Halvorsen Conference Room (WEB 4640). Drop-ins welcome.

Date Paper Discussion Leader
May 8 Hierarchical Exploration of Volumes Using Multilevel Segmentation of the Intensity-Gradient Histograms
In SciVis 2012 [Best Paper]
Paul Rosen
May 15 Perception-Based Transparency Optimization for Direct Volume Rendering
In SciVis 2009 [Best Paper Honorable Mention]
Alex Bigelow
May 22 FlowGraph: A Compound Hierarchical Graph for Flow Field Exploration
In PacificVis 2013 [Best Paper Honorable Mention]
Sean McKenna
May 29 Assessing the Effect of Visualizations on Bayesian Reasoning Through Crowdsourcing
In InfoVis 2012 [Honorable Mention]
Mavin Martin
Jun 5 Rethinking Map Legends with Visualization
In InfoVis 2010 [Honorable Mention]
Pascal Grosset
Jun 12 Evaluation of Artery Visualizations for Heart Disease Diagnosis
In InfoVis 2011 [Honorable Mention]
Yong Wan
Jun 19 Visual Analytics Methodology for Eye Movement Studies
In VAST 2012 [Best Paper]
Alex Bigelow
Jun 26 Scalable Analysis of Movement Data for Extracting and Exploring Significant Places
In VAST 2011 [Best Paper]
Sam Quinan
Jul 3 No meeting (4th of July Holiday)  
Jul 10 Saliency-Assisted Navigation of Very Large Landscape Images
In SciVis 2011 [Best Paper Honorable Mention]
Brian Summa
Jul 17 Interactive Volume Exploration of Petascale Microscopy Data Streams Using a Visualization-Driven Virtual Memory Approach
In SciVis 2012 [Best Paper Honorable Mention]
Liang Zhou
Jul 24 No meeting (Pioneer Day)  
Jul 31 Towards Robust Topology of Sparsely Sampled Data
In SciVis 2011
John Edwards
Aug 7 Selecting Semantically-Resonant Colors for Data Visualization
in EuroVis 2013 [Best Paper]
Kristen Zygmunt
Aug 14 Break  
Aug 21 Break  
Aug 28 Paper TBD  

Potential Future Reading