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(Latest Version 2.1.367)

Released: August 15, 2014

File Product Version Size Distribution
chm-compiled-r2013a-2.1.367.tar.gz CHM 2.1.367 12.3 MB Linux 64bit


  • chm-compiled runs on Linux64 only, without a MATLAB license (either with MATLAB R2013a or the free MCR R2013a). CHM Data 2.1.367 111 MB Linux 64bit


  • Training images and labels used in Perez, AJ., Seyedhosseini, M., Deerinck, T.J., Bushong, E.A., Panda, S., Tasdizen, T., Ellisman, M.H. (2014). A workflow for the automatic segmentation of organelles in electron microscopy image stacks. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy.

chm-source-2.1.367.tar.gz CHM 2.1.367 57.1 KB Linux 64bit


  • chm-source runs on any architecture (but easier on Linux64) with any MATLAB (at least R2011b) [requires a MATLAB license].

chm-example.tar.gz CHM Data 2.1.367 760.9 KB Linux 64bit


  • chm-example is an example of usage.

chm-full-2.1.367.tar.gz CHM 2.1.367 27.1 MB Linux 64bit


  • chm-full is only for special situations and contains the entire source including image processing tools and panfish wrappers.