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Deborah Zemek

Deborah Zemek - Administrative Manager

WEB 3859
phone (801) 587-7875
fax (801) 585-6513
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I'm a transplanted New Englander - I was born and raised in Connecticut, however I have lived in Utah for many years now. While I miss the ocean and my family, I love it in Utah and can't imagine living anywhere else. (except maybe in a really big house on an ocean beach!)

I came to SCI from Evans & Sutherland where I was an administrative/executive assistant for 9.5 years. I was looking for a challenge and I believe I found one here!

Current Responsibilities

I'm Chris Johnson's assistant - I try to keep up with him and help him get where he needs to be and get done what he needs to get done!

I also manage the admin team - basically we do whatever needs to be done to support the SCI Institute.