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Maddalena Valinoti

Maddalena Valinoti - Visiting Scholar from Italy

Lab 4750
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advisor Dr. Rob MacLeod


  • BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering at University of Bologna
  • PhD student in Bioengineering at University of Bologna
  • Visiting scholar at SCI Institute under the supervision of the Prof. Rob MacLeod
  • My research project concerns the study of the atrial fibrillation mechanisms through the image and signals processing techniques

Current Responsibilities

I'm working on:
  • A quantitative validation of the 3D left atrium model with structural information derived from the MRI data segmentation and registration
  • A quantitative validation of the electrical rotor detection algorithm

Research Interests

  • Segmentation and registration of MRI data
  • Endocavitary signals processing in atrial fibrillation