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Sean McKenna

Sean McKenna - Graduate Student, Ph.D.

WEB Lab 3760
fax (801) 585-6513
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advisor Miriah Meyer

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  • B.A. in both Computer Science and Physics, minor in Chemistry, Cornell College
  • Grew up in Indianapolis and central Wisconsin, before moving out to Utah for grad school

Current Responsibilities

Sean is pursuing a PhD in Computing: Graphics & Visualization. With the guidance of his advisor Dr. Miriah Meyer, he is conducting research through design studies, where he works closely with collaborators in their respective fields, such as biologists or sociologists, in order to tackle challenges they face with their data, while also teasing out novel visualization problems along the way. His first project related to the study of a new correlation visualization technique, focusing on the study of gene expression in the brain. Next, he worked on a cybersecurity visualization project, redesigning and improving an existing tool; this work culminated into insights on a novel design methodology for visualization.

Research Interests

  • information visualization
  • human-computer interaction
  • set visualization
  • cybersecurity visualization
  • visual analytics
  • citizen science
  • design methodology