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Giorgio Scorzelli

Giorgio Scorzelli - Research Scientist

Working from Italy
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Senior developer of the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, School of Computing, University of Utah. Chief Technical Officer, co-founder and shareholder of TRS. Aggregate professor of Computer Graphics with the School of Engineering, University of Roma Tre. Senior research associate with the CAD Lab at Department of Informatica e Automazione since 2003. Graduated in Computer Engineering 'summa cum laude' at University Roma Tre in October 2000. Foreign Computer Scientist and Researcher with Center for Applied Scientific Computing at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Current Responsibilities

Involved in the development of the ViSUS streaming infrastructure for visualization and processing of geospatial information. The system includes real time visualization and processing of large scale satellite imagery and fusion with data from sensing devices.

Research Interests

  • Solid modeling
  • Computer graphics
  • Progressive and multi-resolution techniques for scientific visualization
  • Geometric programming