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hip-dataIn a recent study, researchers at the Musculoskeletal Research Laboratories (MRL) examined the mechanics of cartilage in the normal hips of 10 healthy adult volunteers. Now they have made the de-identified CT arthrogram datasets available online for other researchers to download. The datasets were acquired as part of a research project on the biomechanics of hip dysplasia (NIH #R01AR053344). Healthy young adults consented to receive a CT arthrogram of one hip joint. The image datasets include the pelvis and proximal femur. One hip joint has been injected with a contrast agent to facilitate delineation of intra-articular cartilage layers. The contralateral hip joint is also visible. The datasets along with details about the subjects, CT scan settings, and image resolution can be found on the MRL Lab Data Archive.

For more details see the MRL website - "CT Arthrogram Image Data of the Hip"