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zengerCongratulations to Brian Zenger for receiving the Outstanding Dissertation Award for 2021 from the College of Engineering!

"Experimental Examination of Partial Occlusion Acute Myocardial Ischemia"

Brian Zenger is the recipient of the College of Engineering outstanding Dissertation Award for his Ph.D. dissertation entitled, “Experimental Examination of Partial Occlusion Acute Myocardial Ischemia”. His dissertation was chosen as one of two best dissertations defended in 2021. The selection committee, which included representatives from each department in the college, evaluated the nominated dissertations based on intellectual merit and knowledge advancement, broader impacts and societal benefits, and the extent to which the research explored creative, original and transformative concepts. His dissertation ranked high in all these criteria. The committee was also impressed by the enthusiasm of the faculty members who wrote letters in support of his nomination. Congratulations to Brian on his excellent dissertation, for receiving his doctoral degree, and for being an exemplary student during his time at the University of Utah.

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