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Software at the SCI Institute is developed in close collaboration with application users to satisfy real needs within their research communities
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Heart of the Matter

3D Virtual Simulation Gets to the ‘Heart’ of Irregular Heartbeats

Upcoming SCI Events


12:00pm: Visualization Seminar: Carolina Nobre presents Juniper: A Tree+Table Approach to Multivariate Graph Visualization

Friday, Sep 21

12:00pm: SCI Seminar: Carsten Burstedde , University of Bonn presents Parallel Tree Partitions and their Role in Scalable Computing

2:00pm: Distinguished Lecture: Anna Michalak , Carnegie Science presents Exploring climate impacts on inland and coastal water quality

Tuesday, Sep 25

12:25pm: NERG Seminar: Dr. Greg Clark and students presents Restoring Motor and Sensory Function after Hand Amputation: Overview and Recent Progress

Wednesday, Sep 26

12:00pm: Visualization Seminar: Tushar Athawale , PostDoctoral Fellow presents Probabilistic Asymptotic Decider for Topological Ambiguity Resolution in Level-Set Extraction for Uncertain 2D Data