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scirun-4-6The SCIRun development team is pleased to announce the release of SCIRun 4.6 with meshing tools. SCIRun 4.6 is available as a binary download for Windows and OS X, and as a source download for Linux.

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See also the Release notes.

SCIRun 4.6 contains the new ECGToolkit, which is a collection of software tools and example SCIRun networks for solving forward and inverse problems in electrocardiography. Special documentation is available to describe these tools and their use. The tools feature BEM and FEM solvers for most of the important cases of activation-based and potential-based source models and a number of inverse solution methods. Some of the code is written in Matlab and connects with SCIRun through our interface module, and some functionality depends on ECGSim, a free package distributed separately, and which is available from

SCIRun 4.6 and BioMesh3D ON OSX:

For OS X, there is a binary distribution for intel-based Macs. The binary download provides both the SCIRun application as well as the BioMesh3D application, which is a drag and drop application for building meshes. Documentation on running the OS X application is provided inside the SCIRun 4.6 disk image.

SCIRun 4.6 and BioMesh3D ON WINDOWS:

For Windows there are binaries available as well. Currently BioMesh3D is installed together with SCIRun in the SCIRun 4.6 directory. Currently Python (either version 2 or 3) needs to be installed separately on Windows in order to run BioMesh3D, and BioMesh3D needs to be run from the command prompt. More details can be found in the BioMesh3D documentation.

SCIRun 4.6 and BioMesh3D ON LINUX:

Please download the SCIRun_4.6 source tar archive. After unpacking the application, run the build script called, which should build both SCIRun 4.6 and BioMesh3D. On Linux, BioMesh3D is a series of python scripts that run various SCIRun applications to build a tetrahedral mesh. Documentation is provided inside the tar archive which explains how to build meshes with BioMesh3D.

As we want to keep improving our software, suggestions and bug reports are always welcome. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with general SCIRun questions or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any specific problems you encounter.